NEW, VRi X1 WIRELESS CHARGEN ULTRA THIN, If you want quick wireless charging, in this case, the VRi X1 is your 1st choice! You can charge up to 15W. USB-c wired, and a surface that is indistinguishable from your smartphone screen, that's the charger that meets your lifestyle. Choose the quality that suits you.

NEW, VRi RHYTHM ACTIVE NOICE CANCELLING, If music is your passion and you want to enjoy your favorite songs non-stop for 25 hours without wires, with a beautiful full and warm sound, then choose VRi RHYTHM ANC.

VRi EVOLUTION 3SX, The virtual reality glasses, VRi Evolution 3SX is equipped with big lenses, giving you sharp images and big screen effect which makes your virtual experience spectacular. The lenses of this new model, are equipped with blue light blocker lenses. This virtual reality glasses is suitable for every smartphone and suitable for young, old and anything in between (as of 3 years).


Live your dreams

We all have dreams, dreams to discover the world, dreams to be successful! To live in style with the nicest things around you! Doing is what makes your dreams come true. Whether it is to record this trip, to share it or to be fully equipped during your trip, VR-i has products that contribute to this at any time of the day!

Are you the person who loves the latest gadgets, functionality and sustainability and a nice design is a must, then VR-i is the brand that suits you!


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