Experience by virtual reality? VR-i can be of service.

For business applications, the possibilities are endlessly. Think of the real estate broker and architects displaying houses in ‘reality’ which haven’t been even built yet or salesman showing their customers their designed and modelled kitchen within their own house. Or how about your customer being able to ‘drive’ his new bought car while it is still on the production line. How would it be to search for hotels by taking a look around or being pursuaded to even book your room because of the fantastic VR experience that was presented.  Or would you like to join a live festival taking place in New York in 3D while sitting on your sofa at home? We could keep dreaming…. Or don’t we?

How easy would it be to have your customer step into the world that you are trying to sell or experience. 360 and VR content in combination with VRi glasses make it possible. Think concepts and transform ideas into reality.

VR vs VE

Virtual Emotion is what you want to convey to your target audience and the tool is Virtual Reality. Any perception of a human being is determined by emotion. This applies to a purchase commitment, or maintaining a relationship. Dealing properly with virtual reality can enhance the emotion in a positive way that a customer has with your brand or service, which will boost sales.

Would you like to get acquainted with virtual reality? and apply it in for example in your hotel, showroom, boat or villas that you want to sell, then you've come to the right place.

We can offer custom-made packages that contain for example:

- Generate ideas about the message your trademark could convey by VR

- Shooting 360 degrees and / or filming

- Transactions between 360 degree images

- Combinations in modeling in 3D CAD

- Editing

- Quality virtual reality goggles suitable for any smartphone

Together with our professional partner xxess360.com, we offer total concepts.


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