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Blue light is all around us. In the sun, but also in digital screens, such as tablets, computer screens and smartphones. To protect us against the sun we use sunglasses to protect our eyes. Then why not a "Blue Light Filter Glasses" to protect our eyes against the blue light we look at every day? These unisex trendy glasses are designed for him and for her.

Be Cool, look nerdy, look weard, look handsome, But be smart if you watch a lot of screens! Wear these VRi Blue Light Filter Glasses to filter the blue light coming out of your screen.

The reasons for wearing Blue Light Filter Glasses are the following:

Evening / night
The blue light that comes from screens blocks melatonin that is produced in your body in the evening. Melatonin reminds your body that it is time to go to sleep. So when Melatonin is blocked by blue light, you can become overtired and have a bad night's sleep. The VR-i Blue Light Filter Glasses ensure that the blue light does not get the chance to block your Melatonin.

In daylight, blue light can cause eye strain, headaches and dry eyes.
It is wise to wear these glasses during the day if you look at screens for a long time.

Enjoy watching with VR-i!

Product no VRI01010
Light frame
Modern design frame
Colour black
Coated on both sides
Metal hinges
30% Blue light filter
UVA and UVB filter

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